Stas Kostyushkin. The project «A-DESSA»

Stas Kostyushkin. The project «A-DESSA»

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Stas Kostyushkin of "Tea for Two" does not get tired to experiment and try yourself in different genres. This summer Kostyushkin presented to the audience a new project with the speaker called A-DESSA.

Recently Stas Kostyushkin impressed the audience with his intellectual cover-project Shulman Band, in which the actor wrote new arrangements for the songs of the 30s and 40s. This summer Kostyushkin reveals new facets of his talent, introducing new team A-DESSA. The artist is not only his main inspiration, but also a writer and performer.

A-Dessa - is an ironic tone and nezaezzhennoy threads. They are not always funny, but very topical. One of the main objectives of the project - to find such stories to the listener it was interesting to be with them in the same space of time. Like any Odessa, Stas said that this city is strongly influenced him. He gave the artist fun and easy temperament, charisma and Odessa philosophy. The single group of A-Dessa Fire - proof of this.


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