Elena Yakovleva. «Straight Talk»

Elena Yakovleva. «Straight Talk»

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Popularity Elena Yakovleva unusual: nothing like the worship of the deity. No gossip associated with her name, nor duty fans at the entrance or epithets in the style of "living legend", or self-promotion. Meeting with a wonderful actress - the woman who lives next to us, one of us.

The audience always love her for many years - since the days of the famous "Intergirl". And she plays ordinary women - emotional and very recognizable. And it Kabaniha is no less credible than Major Kamenskaya or slutty lady from "Encore, Encore!". But the main thing - it's not even organic and natural magnetism, that actor's infectiousness, which does not allow his eyes off her - on screen and on stage. In the life of this mankost Elena slightly obscured, as if hiding. But the mystery is not letting by staying simple and sincere in all its forms. Even in his conflicting desires to be both famous and obscure to all. It is, of course, different. Shy, ironic, it is responsible: a meeting not just come in time and in advance.


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