The play «Love is not a potato»

The play «Love is not a potato»

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Nominated Theatre Award (Grand Prix of the festival "Amur Autumn" of 2014 in Blagoveshchensk in the categories "Best Play and Best Ensemble Cast", "Best Actress").

Russian remote somewhere in Siberia. Simple village life with its own little world, and figurative language folk traditions and superstitions, understandable to everyone. Just a few days spent in the village, can not only seize the viewer's attention entirely, but also to engage in a series of quite incredible and such familiar events. Everyone who comes to the show, plunges into the atmosphere of easy humor, defiance of the plot and inimitable games magnificent cast.

Love comedy with moments of intriguing detective story is fascinating and spiced sparkling humor, hilarious dialogue, wonderful music and lyrical mood. With the main characters of the play now and then it happens some comical incidents that cheer even the most gloomy man. A folk simplicity of feelings and emotions will not leave aside any viewer. Suffice energetic production with colorful traditional costumes and decorations, rhymes and vernacular sayings literally penetrates into the soul of each, making the drop a tear thanks even men wandered to the light theater posters.

The main plot of the comedy quickly, like a thoroughbred horse, gallop starts with the appearance in the house of Timothy, living in the Siberian village since childhood, an unusual guest - artist of distant and unfamiliar capital ...

Genre: Romantic comedy
Director: Andrei Maximov
Starring: Nina Usatova, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Arkadiy Koval, Cyrus Kreylis-Petrova Zoya Buryak / Svetlana Shchedrin, Oleg Yakunin
The premiere: September 28, 2003
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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