Trubetskoy. New songs and the hits «Lyapises»

Trubetskoy. New songs and the hits «Lyapises»

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Trubetskoy - a young team with a lot of history. Young - because in the current and the current under the name of the project, there is less than two years.

A great story is related, of course, the legendary team of "Liapis Trubetskoy", ex-members of which Paul Bulatnikov (vocals), Ruslan Master (guitar), Alexander Storozhuk (drums) along with who joined him bassist Ales, Frantisek Myshkevichem and founded a new group in the autumn of 2014.

"Trubetskoy" play their acoustic program, which will include their new fighters and old, all the favorite hits "Lyapises". Let us sing in chorus!


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