Ensemble «Blue berets»

Ensemble «Blue berets»

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Blue Berets - Concert Ensemble Russian Airborne Troops. It was formed on November 19, 1985. On this day in 350 the soldiers' club Guards Parachute Regiment in Kabul, the first concert, the ensemble became the day of birth.

In the first part of the ensemble included: director of the ensemble - Senior Lieutenant Sergei Spring, Ensign Oleg Gontsov, Sergeant Sergei Isakov, Igor Ivanchenko ordinary and Tarikh Lisov. In the future, when many changes of the composition of the principle of selection of participants has remained unchanged - on the stage are the only real Marines who know the service is not by song.

Many of the written works were the best examples of the so-called "Afghan" songs. This "Memory" Oleg Gontsova, "The dangerous line", "landing goes breakthrough" Sergei summer and many others, is still a "calling card" of the group.


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