Group «Pilot». Dvadtsatnik!

Group «Pilot». Dvadtsatnik!

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20 years date, without a doubt, serious and respectful - not everyone is a music team in Russia or in any other country in the world manages so many time to disintegrate and remain relevant. Over the years, "Pilot" many times changed the sound, experimented with various musical genres, created at concerts unique video sequences and light show using the latest and greatest technical innovations, shocked the audience an unusual stage costumes, surprised by the unexpected duets and creative unions, gave the fans a stylistically completely different albums and the solo projects of the band members, filmed entirely unlike each other video clips... And most importantly – during all this time the "pilots" of the company's ordinary fans of "jam on guitars" has become a true professionals and masters of their craft, and the group took place in the top ten of the most popular and the most touring rock bands in the country.

Its twentieth anniversary, the musicians decided to celebrate loud, bright, fun, and most importantly, a long – tour, received a simple but meaningful title "Dvadtsatnik", will last for the entire 2017 and will cover more than 50 cities of Russia and neighboring countries. And this time try to drop even in the most remote villages, where no one came never, or very rarely looks, but where the concert waiting for a long time.

Preparing for "Dvadtsatnik" lasted all of 2016, the team even took a long break in performances, playing concerts is much less common. Catch this year's full sets from the "pilots" fans could practically only during the summer festivals, and therefore have time to miss favorite artists, and since the summer, fill up email boxes and the pages "Pilot" in the social. networks issues, when, finally, appears in the schedule of the jubilee tour, and what program will be executed in the framework of the "Dvadtsatnik".

"Pilot", however, in no hurry to reveal all the secrets, but we already know that for twenty years was selected as the best known and loved songs by fans fresh and old tracks that became the leaders of the various charts.

Especially for the twentieth anniversary will be released the anniversary edition, is a full-color illustrated book with complete information about this band and its discography. The book will be accompanied by a disc and sarandinakina flash drive. The CD includes the best songs in the entire history of the team, but it will not be a trivial collection of the best, and a new reading in an acoustic version. On the flash drive will be collected archival photos and video materials found in computers and on disks themselves musicians and the most dedicated members of the fan club "13.H." This edition will be available only at the concerts of the upcoming tour and in the online store of the group (on the start of sales will be announced later).

"Dvadtsatnik" "Pilot" promises to be a truly Grand event for all fans of the team and a major achievement for the band themselves, once again stressing their professionalism and status as one of the hottest groups in the country!


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