Group «Beasts». Acoustics. Best

Group «Beasts». Acoustics. Best

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• A group of ANIMALS March 2, will perform on the stage of the Arena GTC with an acoustic program "Best". This popular Roma songs of the Beast in a new treatment, played a powerful live team.

For the group of ANIMALS phonics is always an experiment, so it will be this time. The obvious feature of this program — the balalaika, which will take up the guitarist of the ANIMALS, Herman Osipov. He graduated from the Gnesin music school in the class of balalaika and finally be able to show themselves in this role.

"Phonics is always the time of check — yourself first. Behind me on the stage will be 7 professionals who play quality music, and it transforms me, says Roma Beast. — In such moments, I sing differently, and feel the scene, the music is different."

In these concerts a group of ANIMALS decided to focus on the light and discard all the special effects to focus the viewers attention on the music. These will be major hits and a couple of surprises, the trick is in the arrangements. 

"We want to get the impression that, here, gathered on stage, the musicians and play beautiful music. We immediately put themselves in a certain stylistic framework. Nothing but music, this format need not be expected, says the leader of a group of ANIMALS. — The first half hour of this program the audience will definitely be in a sort of stupor. It is a moment of getting used to us — new".

BEASTS will play in the company of professional musicians-percussionists and brass players, they will show almost a theatrical consistency, the audience will hear the story, full of brand-new for the group of ANIMALS with sounds and arrangements. Always well exposed light and technical components will allow you to feel into the depths of the concert, which will be cozy, intimate and almost homely atmosphere.

Rum the Beast is at the peak of creative forms, he will perform songs from favorite albums: "Hunger", "Districts-quarters ", "When we are together, nobody cooler", "More", "Muse" etc. 

"Acoustics. Best" is a unique opportunity to hear the main songs of the band the ANIMALS in the new version: soft, melodic party and a lot of fun – all this awaits you on March 2 on the stage of the arena GTC! the play, full of music and magical transformations, pleases excellent acting. "Morozko" - the jewel of the repertoire, one of the most beloved performers and the audience play. 

Waiting for the admirers of Russian folk tales and of a kind of magic!!! Welcome!


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