Group «Time Machine»

Group «Time Machine»

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Hard to believe, but it's true: in may 2017 "the time Machine" marks the... 48 years! And so, not every person lives, and groups that exist this time around the globe count on one hand. And usually at this age rock veterans live past services, but here the "Machine" has become the exception to the rule: the second decade of this century was probably the most turbulent and difficult period of their history, and in may 2016 event of the musical life of Russia became their new album "You". 

As always will feature not only new. You expect all the classics for 47 years, under which we were born in the 70s, grew up in the 80s, was part of an independent life in the 90s and changed everything around in the twenty-first century. From "Rats" to "Turn," from curiosities and antiquities to the Prime Minister, through the Golden Fund of all the songs not sing them too much, but the pleasure you will receive.

And once again - those who missed the fans: Andrey Makarevich (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Alexander Kutikov (bass, vocals), Andrey Derzhavin (keyboards, vocals), Valeriy Efremov (drums) plus Igor Khomich (guitar), Sergey Ostroumov (percussion) and Alexander Ditkovsky (trumpet, percussion, backing vocals).


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