Group «Aquarium»

Group «Aquarium»

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Music by Boris Grebenshchikov and group "Aquarium" - beyond time and space. It is the whole universe, which has absolute harmony. Boris Grebenshchikov - one of the few whose work is not only out of date, and continues over the years become more and more interesting and varied, taking in the musical culture of different countries, nations and areas. Constantly changing, and at the same time, remaining himself, Boris Grebenshchikov has created a unique cultural phenomenon and has become an integral part of a musical era.

He wrote about 1,000 songs, so every concert it is not like the other. Being in constant motion, experimenting with different styles and musical genres, Boris Grebenshchikov always retains the ability to please and surprise the new and unexpected. And this time not without innovations and surprises.


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