Yulia Rutberg

Yulia Rutberg

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"Cabaret Stray Dog" - the author's solo program of the People's Artist of Russia Julia Rutberg - actress of the Theater named after Eugene Vakhtangov. The program will present a private collection of poems, essays, songs and romances of your favorite actress poets. The evening will feature poems and songs by Vadim Levin, Pavel Kogan, Naum Korzhavin, Leonid Martynov, Pavel Antokolsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Vertinsky, Anna Akhmatova, David Samoilov, and an essay on Pushkin.

In the "Cabaret Stray Dog" takes part pianist - laureate of international and All-Russian competitions Alexei Voronkov. Julia Rutberg visited Germany, Denmark, America, Lithuania, and many Russian cities in the framework of theater programs, mono-festival festivals, and solo philharmonic concerts with the "Cabaret Stray Dog" program.


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