Nigativ (Triad)

Nigativ (Triad)

Over the shoulders of the Krasnodar Nigativo several albums of his group "Triad", battles, joint tracks with all top Russian rappers and the status of the most thoughtful rapper of Russia, whose songs combine the filigree of technical reading and philosophizing. They can be serious, and may include irony - Nigativ is not shy, for example, to write a song about fishing.

Another trump card of Nigativa is impressive fecundity and efficiency. Do not confuse with grafomanstvom - this is when they compose a lot, but such that it would be better not to translate the paper. There is a diametrically opposite case.

Last year his clip "Slowly" impressed many. "Powerful!" - Sergey Shnurov briefly mentioned about it, others saw in the video "a cast of real Russian life". And in March 2016 will be released and a new solo album rapper.

By tradition, it is worth waiting for powerful, powerful songs about everyday life - very few people still know how to talk about it in the same poetic way, but without unnecessary zaumi. By the way, the album "Nox et Nox -" snow and night "is called. Who else of our rappers can be just as poetic when it comes to headlines?


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