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The last two years became for these guys is very tense. They recorded three successful music video "Hate", "RotoZip" and "Call" and literally locked myself in my Studio, starting to work on a new album. The creation of this album would not have been possible without the support of listeners. Funds for its recording was collected using crowdfunding platforms The necessary amount was collected during the day. Listeners were given to understand their idols that they are ready to support their new album not only in word but in deed. The album was released in 2015 and is called "insider Stories". 

"Guys, what kind of name is that for cover?" - this question may be asked and you - along with journalists for the first time getting acquainted with 15 new tracks. "Our reasoning about the universe to revelation does not make it so - stories. As for the covers - it's just a photo with one of the party, it turned out juicy, don't you think?" - say the musicians, and we find, even as we find! 15 songs of pure positive, subtle irony and subtle bullying all human vices, but first and foremost on themselves - all this Anacondaz.


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