Yaroslav Evdokimov. «Your Favorite Songs»

Yaroslav Evdokimov. «Your Favorite Songs»

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Yaroslav Evdokimov always sings with his soul and for the people, charging the hall with positive emotions. His songs were hits in the 80's, and the sincere performance and magnificent enchanting voice of Yaroslav enchanted the beautiful half of humanity. Give your family 2 hours of pleasant memories!

Yaroslav Evdokimov is a unique artist. For over 30 years, he has not ceased to delight the public with his charisma, charisma, and most importantly, his voice. And she reciprocates. His songs "Polynushka", "Mama", "Well", "Rose Kpacnaya" people remember when they hardly heard the first line. Well, the sincerity of performance and the magnificent enchanting voice of Yaroslav have not disappeared, and the few concerts that he arranges for his fans invariably rrrohodyut with sold-out. Moreover, the singer does not stop there, new songs appear in his repertoire, each of which is worthy to become as recognizable in twenty years as "Fantazer", "Over the Danube", "May Waltz" are recognized right now.


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