Bi-2. «Event horizon»

Bi-2. «Event horizon»

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The famous Russian rock band "Bi-2" presented the official title of their new album, which is awaited with great anticipation by the army of fans of this group. The release of the album, which will be called the "Event Horizon", is scheduled for September 2017.

The guys selected the name for a very long time, according to Shura they revised more than forty variants. Group members explained the meaning of this name, they told that this title has a double meaning. In the first case, it is more scientific, related to the singularity of the cosmos, where the theme of black holes is touched, within which time stops. In the second case, the meaning is more poetic, where such a concept as the end of life is revealed. The second option is less positive than the first, where time dies and where there is no place for death.


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