Irina Shvedova. «30 years on stage»

Irina Shvedova. «30 years on stage»

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It stands out from a number of performers with a unique manner of presentation, originality, the ability to freely and organically exist in a variety of genres, has the skill of reincarnation, turning every song into a small play. To be extremely open and honest in his work, to strive to convey to each listener the meaning of the song being performed - that is the stage credo of Irina. Therefore, so recognize her voice, her style and manner of execution. For the viewer, it is always small!

Irina is very familiar to the viewer on the songs "White Waltz" and "America - razluchnitsa", which became classics of the domestic stage. Her work reflects our life, revealing not only the pain points, but also the brightest moments of love.

The repertoire of the singer presents compositions of completely different genres: remaining faithful to the stage scene, she turns to folk song, to jazz works, and to classical romance.


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