Dima Ivanov (Addis Ababa). An acoustic evening

Dima Ivanov (Addis Ababa). An acoustic evening

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In the bar "Garage" with an acoustic program Dima Ivanov will arrive - the leader and the vocalist of the group Addis Ababa! Addis Ababa is a Belarusian reggae collective with more than 15 years of history.

Today it is one of the most popular and popular reggae groups in the entire post-Soviet space. Musicians do not limit themselves to style. In their music, there is always a place for experiments with a jumping ska, otvyaznym funk and topical raggamuffins.

In the middle of the summer we will be covered by a powerful wave of happiness music! Vibrations of the soul in a magic mixture with an acoustic tremor will warm us this evening!


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