Master. The best songs for 30 years

Master. The best songs for 30 years

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In early 1987, five people: Andrei Bolshakov (guitar), Igor Molchanov (drums), Kirill Pokrovsky (keys), Alexander Lvov (drums), Alik Granovsky - leave the group "Aria". The reason for the departure was the conflict with the head of the Aria. After a while, Alexander Lvov joins the staff of "Gorky Park". The rest of them leave to work in the Moscow Regional Philharmonic, and on the basis of this a MASTER group is created.

The band is joined by guitarist Sergei Popov, who was invited by his friend Igor Molchanov. The vocalist becomes Alexander Arzamaskov (group Fort Ross). A few months later the singer leaves the band due to health problems. Mikhail Seryshev becomes the vocalist.

To the arrival of Mikhail material for the first album was already ready. Six months later, the record company Melodiya recorded a group album under the same name MASTER. The album's circulation exceeded the record for those times - more than a million copies. A dense concert schedule begins, concerts are held mainly in sports palaces, thousands of stadiums.

So the story began a long one in life.


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