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The official registration of the brand, brand and music project "Loboda" took place in 2010, and before that, we knew Svetlana as a bright soloist of "VIA Gry", leading various projects on Ukrainian television and the participant of the final pulsa of Eurovision. All this was not enough for the versatile nature of Svetlana, who, in her own words, wanted to participate in everything and completely lead the parade. Write songs, invent images, edit clips, i.e. engage in creativity in all its manifestations.

The beginning of a new life and grandiose changes was the hit "Revolution", released in the summer of 2010, and gave the name of the eponymous album. Then a long trip to the USA, during which Svetlana combined concerts with master classes on vocals and choreography. Plus - active work in recording studios, the result of which was the release of the next record. The fascination with electronic music and the influence of modern American culture, in general, gave not only a new sound, but also marked a new turn in creativity.


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