The best songs of group «Cinema» with a Symphony orchestra

The best songs of group «Cinema» with a Symphony orchestra

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"LEGEND 55" is the songs of the legendary ensemble in a fundamentally new reading, played together with the orchestra in honor of the jubilee of Viktor Tsoi. Within the limits of the show classical music and unique compositions of "Kino" are organically combined. The project gives viewers the opportunity to see the songs of the idol in a new light, appreciating their beauty through the prism of symphonic music.

Specially for the project original arrangements were created, on which the best specialists from Russia and Belarus worked. As a result, unique, stylistically sustained and diverse works were created, distinguished by musicality and symphonism. Not surprisingly, the result exceeded expectations, in a grandiose show a new, rethought view of the work of the great group appeared. The audience will see not just a concert, but a real high-quality show, which can be put on a par with famous world-class rock musicals such as "Beatlemania" and "WewillrockYou" (Queen). This idea will capture the attention of the public and will be remembered for a long time!

As the executors of Viktor Tsoi's pennies the well-known rock band "Sun Days" is performing. Group leader Igor Sokolov conquered the hearts of many admirers of Tsoi's creativity in Russia and abroad.


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