The Kuban Cossack choir

The Kuban Cossack choir

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The Kuban Cossack Choir is the oldest national collective of Russia, recognized as the pearl of world culture, embodying the Kuban and glorifying it all over the world. The collective is an especially valuable object of the cultural heritage of the Krasnodar Territory in the field of traditional folk art, which was conceived and stored for centuries in the Kuban.

In their songs the artists of the collective sing and share with the audience poems and music about the Cossack will, valor and glory, love and separation and of course the victories of the Cossacks. People go to the concerts of the Kuban Cossack choir not only to listen to historical, drill, linear and, of course, Black Sea songs, in which the entire history of our state, the Cossack people is laid, but also to hear Viktor Zakharchenko, for whom every concert is a confession.


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