National musical «Lukomorye»

National musical «Lukomorye»

Lukomorye is a country of fairy magic, light and good, and the great, fabulous Oak is a tree of life, feeding all the living world, all humanity, with the power of love and juices of kindness. According to the fabulous chronology of the times in a thousand years in Lukomorye there comes a day when the legendary Oak, girded with a golden chain, starts to bloom so that a new life, in the form of a new wizard, could appear in a fairy-tale world. Only on this amazing Dubravnyy day evil forces can take possession of a fairy fairytale country. To prevent this, the representatives of the light forces must find a true hero-hero, able to cope with the evil evil ...

Dark and light forces in the musical will be represented by the main heroes of Pushkin's fairy tales: Vasilisa the Wise, Swan Princess, Koschey Immortal, Ivan Tsarevich, Prince Gvidon, Cat Scientist, Rusalka and others. It is these fabulous characters who will play on the stage a story filled with cunning and kindness. Magic on stage, fabulous illusion and original stage multimedia solutions - all this is an incredible fantasy story from the producer center.

In the production, the whole space of the stage will be involved, dark and light forces, soaring over the country Lukomorye, will enter into an unequal battle. The musical will adorn the voices of the main characters, whose parts are performed by the best artists of famous musical productions. And the professional choreography of the inhabitants of the fairy forest, combined with the trick elements, will immerse the spectators in the atmosphere of a wonderful spectacle based on folk tales and poetic works of Pushkin.


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