Comedy «Marry me»

Comedy «Marry me»

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Love is the pinnacle of happiness, to which each of us strives for a lifetime. Some are on the approaches to it, but they never reach it. Others, finding themselves, break into the abyss and break their happiness about everyday problems. Still others are looking for workarounds, trying to get hold of it for money.

The famous actor and heartthrob on the eve of the New Year is surrounded by three charming women, with each of whom he is associated with a difficult relationship. And one of them, a business lady, offers his wife a million dollars for a year of life with her idol. What will the hero choose: stability, wealth or youth? ... A modern, light, funny and dynamic performance about the price of love, loyalty, happiness and the cherished dream in our volatile world.

Cast: Larisa Udovichenko, Sergei Kolesnikov, Natalia Korchagina, Daria Mikhailichenko.


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