The Musical «Gelsomino!»

The Musical «Gelsomino!»

The musical "Gelsomino!" Is a cheerful performance, incendiary songs and dances, unusual decorations and bright costumes. Participation of children further animates the plot, as, as you know, young actors are especially artistic and better than adults know how to enjoy the game on stage.

Not only actors and musicians take part in the musical, but also young artists from the workshops of the Center for Aesthetic Education "Museion": during the performance the children will paint the scenery on the stage in real time. The musical was prepared by the young and adult actors of Tarusa and the music ensemble of students of the Moscow Secondary Special Music School. Gnessins.

The author of the play is the Russian composer and pianist Sergey Dreznin, the creator of 18 musicals staged in different theaters of the world in four languages. In his opinion, "the most beautiful thing about this project is that children were given the opportunity to live a little bit different life side by side with adults, and compete with them in fun, talent, recklessness, and on the other hand - to test themselves in accuracy, discipline and the concentration required in the musical theater".


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