Valery Leontiev

Valery Leontiev

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Each concert of Valery Leontiev is a real spectacle full of bright colors, chic costumes, magnificent songs and incredible energy. It is because of his individuality that Valery Leontyev has always been recognized by the public. Leontiev in fine form, artistic, beautiful and inimitable. Each of his songs is a small play. Valery Leontiev with the same ease dances and runs out to the audience in the hall, which causes constant enthusiasm ... He is always in fashion or, absolutely, outside it. At his concerts come all-from 5 to 75, and the army of admirers are constantly pouring in adolescents and young people. He does not appear on the screen so often, he does not participate in popular talk shows, his songs do not contain radio-programs, but he constantly gathers full halls and a sea of ​​flowers!


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