Igor Mamenko

Igor Mamenko

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    May 29, Wednesday 19:00
    900 - 2500 rub.
    Recommended age 12+
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Sparks folk humor and the most amusing stories from around the world from the master surprisingly funny impersonations Igor Mamenko. His undisguised talent comedian directed the attention of the whole country already. So incendiary, original and organically talking funny stories and he can only funny stories. The unique mimicry and imitation of voices of the peoples of friendly republics, can not leave anyone without emotion at his concerts. Igor gets Mamenko room, as they say, not having time to say hello ... One problem - from his appearance on the stage of the tummy starts to hurt ... with laughter!

Very happy, nice and helpful people. Sadness and grief are not familiar to him. He jokes always and everywhere. Before becoming a comedian Igor Mamenko worked in a circus acrobat, but as he is now reads as follows: "At the time I did not have the stomach." Like no other, Igor Mamenko very Vivid presents his characters plays with every story, every intonation. It is a beautiful comic actor!

You the new program will be offered, including a brand-new, never go on the air, numbers, and time-tested hits slaughter. Laughter prolongs life!

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