Arena KTZ

Arena KTZ

Kaluga, Moscowskaya str., 212

Arena KTZ - a concert hall, which is considered the largest in the city of Kaluga. Its auditorium fits 1,000 people. It is at this stage of the building measures are taken, different topics and areas. There are rock concerts, concerts of pop stars and artists of other genres, comedians, plays.

This year, the House of Culture Arena KTZ change its image. The work takes place in the direction of improving the conditions for the spectators. Buy tickets for the event will be more comfortable and be in the room - comfortable.

The important point was the opening of the Small Arena KTZ, which is equipped with a dancefloor and seating for VIP-clients, where the events are held entertainment.


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Playbill for the next few days

Valery Leontiev
Nov 28, 19:00 Th
2000 - 5000
Ural Dumplings. Best
Nov 29, 19:00 Fr
2200 - 5000
The Nutcracker"
Dec 2, 19:00 Mo
900 - 1500
Play manhunt
Dec 5, 19:00 Th
1000 - 2800
Sergey Drobotenko
Jan 2, 19:00 Th
800 - 1800
Jan 11, 19:00 Sa
1500 - 5000
Ivan Abramov
Jan 25, 19:00 Sa
1000 - 2500